How Content Matching Intelligence (CMI) makes you more attractive

Feb 12, 2017 | Focus Fast, Aim Adeptly

Love is in the air this week! All around you, people are sharing messages of love with cards, candy, flowers – and content. Wait, what?!

It’s true: Much like the pursuit of love, content marketing is all about sharing a message of care (love), matched to the wants and needs of others. And that’s why Content Matching Intelligence™ – CMI – is so important.

What is CMI?

Content Matching Intelligence is the knowledge you need to align your content’s topics, delivery methods and intent to your best prospect’s interests. CMI isn’t accidental; it’s something you plan and develop proactively.

Love: The basis of CMI

In personal relationships, people show love when they put their partner’s interests above their own. True romantic love is therefore unselfish and “other-centric.”

Content marketing requires that kind of love, too.

Think of it in the context of dating:

“Content marketing is like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” (David Beebe, Marriott International)

When your content focuses on your prospects’ needs and interests, it becomes helpful and “buyer-centric.”

That helpfulness is what makes your content (and your business) more attractive.

For example, a brochure that extols the many virtues of your company, its illustrious founders and its wonderful products is you-focused, sales-y and unlikely to attract readers.

But an e-book written as a how-to guide for a particular job role or consumer task is buyer-centric, helpful and much more likely to gain attention.

In other words, it’s more attractive.

Use the three C’s of CMI to enhance attraction

Besides a desire to be helpful, you can develop Content Matching Intelligence by working on its three key characteristics: comprehension, connection and conversation.

In true buyer-centric form, it helps to consider the three C’s of CMI from the perspective of your prospect.

  1. Comprehension: Think like your ideal target buyer
  2. Connection: Show up where your buyers are, with offers to help
  3. Conversation: Engage buyers in interactive discussions

1. Cultivate comprehension for better CMI

The comprehension element of CMI matches your messages with your buyers’ needs.

Start by developing personas to profile and understand your best target buyers.

Focus on the needs and pains of people you hope to attract.

Think about their alternative solutions, and why some solutions might be better than others.

Put yourself inside your buyers’ heads and try to think about their challenges and your solution from their perspective, not yours.

2. Create connections for better CMI

The connection element of CMI matches your delivery methods with your buyers’ locations.

Identify the digital watering holes that might be populated by your target personas. These might be social media channels, blogs, or other online properties.

Learn how you can amplify your presence in specialty areas within those channels, such as certain LinkedIn or Facebook groups.

Pay extra attention to your content’s headlines and topics, which are your “opening lines” in the dating game of content marketing. Make sure they’re helpful, not sleazy, so you don’t ruin your chances to connect.

3. Craft conversations for better CMI

The conversation element of CMI supports the intent of your content: a business relationship.

Think of your content as conversation starters, and plan ways to encourage and extend those conversations.

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” (Doug Kessler, co-founder Velocity Partners)

Use thoughtful calls-to-action to provide consumers of your content the next best step in carrying on a conversation.

Whenever possible, make your content interactive with easy ways for viewers to comment, reply, learn more, share stories and embellish your messages.

Strive for an open dialog, not a one-way lecture.

CMI conversation starter #1

As you might have guessed, I’d love to engage you in a dialog about Content Matching Intelligence.

content marketingYour first opportunity to respond is easy: simply download my free ebook Content Marketing Isn’t a 1-Night Stand. It’s a light-hearted outline of a four-step plan for CMI-based content marketing, using a dating service metaphor.

It’s also perfect reading for Valentine’s Day!

CMI conversation starter #2

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the concept and practice of Content Matching Intelligence.

Do you think CMI will make you more attractive to buyers?

What’s been your experience with the three C’s of CMI?

What’s working well for you as you try to be more attractive to buyers? What’s not working so well?

Please share your ideas, feedback and stories in the comments section below.

Thank you! Here’s to love!


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