Four startup action steps you should take now

Nov 20, 2017 | Focus Fast

The year is quickly winding down. If you’re still waiting to start your business, what are you waiting for? Here are four startup action steps you should execute right now.

None of these actions require a lot of investment, and two of them will actually save you money – if you act fast. (Be sure to read all the way to the end to see how.)

1. Determine your business focus

This is one of the most fundamental startup action steps you must take. With a business focus in hand, all other elements of your startup launch will begin to clarify.

Find your business focus by answering these questions:

  • What’s your unique business topic?
  • How will you deliver real value?
  • What target audience will you serve?

To answer these questions, make one list of what you’re most passionate about and a second that reflects your most in-depth skill or knowledge. What topics are on both lists?

Then identify the groups of people who are most likely to benefit from your passion and knowledge.

Finally narrow down your topic and audience until you have the best possible niche for your business.

2. Determine your monetization strategy

Once you’ve determined your passion and niche, your next startup action is to figure out how to make money.

Allow me to make a suggestion that can shorten this step: Consider online course sales.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, trainers, seasoned executives and others can all make a living teaching others about their passion. It’s one of the most exciting new online business models, and it’s more possible than ever thanks to a host of affordable new tools for online course sales.

In addition to e-teaching, you might consider selling a tangible product, consulting or training in person, writing a book, or some other more traditional way to monetize your knowledge.

But compared to these, online courses provide one of the fastest and most scalable paths to generate an income based on your passion and skill.

3. Get a domain name and web hosting – and SAVE

If you’re ready to get online but haven’t set up a domain name or web hosting service yet – now is the time.

The hosting service I recommend – Bluehost – is offering a Black Friday sale that gets you:

  • Rates as low as $2.65/month
  • Add-ons up to 60% off
  • Top-of-the-line web hosting

Bluehost also offers low-cost domain name registration, so you can get several web fundamentals in one place with this startup action.

Be sure to mark your calendar to act this Friday, November 24 to take advantage of this offer.

Full disclosure: I’m a Bluehost affiliate and will earn a commission – at no cost to you – if you end up purchasing any of their services.

4. Get professional email automation – FREE TRIAL

Once you have a business focus, monetization strategy and hosting service it’s time to start building your email list and connecting with your audience via email.

By now, you know I’m a big advocate of ConvertKit – an email marketing service dedicated to helping creators earn a living through easy to use email automations and incredible customer service.

They’re offering a massive opportunity on Cyber Monday (November 27) to try ConvertKit for free for 30 days.

Free trials of this leading email platform are rarely available except as part of another offer, so this is big.

The offer only lasts for one day – Cyber Monday – so mark your calendars and try this great software free for 30 days.

Full disclosure: I’m a ConvertKit affiliate and will earn a commission – at no cost to you – if you end up purchasing their system after your free trial.

Take these 4 startup action steps now

1.     Determine your business focus

2.     Determine your monetization strategy – consider online course sales

3.     Get a domain name and site hosting service and SAVE

4.     Get a leading email automation system with a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL

Make a commitment today to take these important startup action steps so you can get your business launched by the end of the year. There’s no time like the present to get going!

Thanks for your continued connection and interest!

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