200 marketing words defined in one free resource

Jun 12, 2017 | Beginner Basics

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just released a free dictionary of modern marketing words. This new resource provides up-to-date definitions for over 200 marketing acronyms, general marketing words and content marketing words.

Future editions of the dictionary will add terminology specific to social media, email marketing and Internet marketing.

Free PDF dictionary for subscribers

In addition to being available on the Content Marketing Startup website, a free PDF version of the Marketing Terms dictionary is available for current and new subscribers of the CMS blog. Download this 40+ page document for easy offline access to the words you need to know.

Marketing words for learners and entrepreneurs

The field of marketing is filled with jargon and confusing language.

Accordingly, this dictionary is designed for beginners, learners, startups, entrepreneurs and others who want straightforward descriptions and definitions.

I’ve tried very hard to explain the concepts, phrases, acronyms and other marketing words in language that’s easy to understand.

Marketing words from basic to advanced

If you’re not sure of the difference between a CTA and a CTO, this dictionary is for you.

If you’re starting to learn Content Marketing and need a clear description of its stages and strategies, this dictionary is for you.

And if you’re working on sharpening your marketing skills to improve your content planning chops, this dictionary is for you, too.

Links to published dictionaries

The free CMS marketing words list is quite comprehensive. But if you need to dig even deeper, I’ve provided links to books available for purchase on Amazon that can take your understanding to the next level.

Your feedback is needed

Community input is invited. If you don’t see the marketing words you’d like defined, or you have feedback on the definitions provided, please contact us.

Let me know your thoughts

I do hope you’ll check out this new resource and will let me know what you think!

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